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The Leather Plant Hanger

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The Leather Plant Hanger

I love plants! Only problem I have is running out of places to keep them. This allows me to hang them all around the apartment. It can accommodate pots as big as 10 x 8 pots. 

Hand stitched durable Latigo leather. I use this leather because it will hold heavy pots without stretching.

  • 4 oz leather 
  • Durable Waxed Thread
  • Waxed Leather
  • Waxed Thread out of Maine
  • Horween Tannery leather
  • Beeswax & Coconut oil
Shell Hood Lagoon


  • I can use multiple color threads to stitch it up. Feel free to send a note with your order which color or colors you would like for me to use. Natural, Black, Gray, Green, Blue & Brown.