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Vintage Repurposed Leather Clutch

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The Vintage Leather clutch bag

This small bag is made out repurposed full grain leather. It was completely hand stitched and lined with a durable natural felt. I love rocks & crystals so naturally I'm now incorporating them to my leatherwork.

A beautiful tourmaline rough rock is secured with silver wire and waxed thread.

This Tourmaline Rock is part of my collection. I hope you enjoy it and all of it's benefits. 



  • 3.5 oz leather (not bulky at all)
  • 2 slots total. 
  • Durable Waxed Thread
  • Waxed Leather
  • Durable natural felt
  • Waxed Thread out of Maine
  • Repurposed Horween Tannery leather
  • Beeswax & Coconut oil
Shell Hood Lagoon